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Jizo and Jesus in Japan

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Japan's Jizo and Jesus (Video-Japanese) costs $20 US Click here to Buy it OR contact [email protected]

This book is sold out and will be revised and be republished under the title Japan`s Christian Roots. We will be clad to put you on a waiting list and so please email us at: [email protected]
I had lunch with a famous Japanese author who writes 10 books every year, or almost one book a month. This illustrated book took 1,800 years, cumulative, and it has taken me 49 years. I know of no other book that has endured such peer review--(which means before the book is published the manuscript was read and corrected, added to and revised by 50 peers) people of one's own era.

This is the 6th edition of a peer review, and every time it's out we find 6,7,8 new pieces of evidence unearthed. When I gave this at the U.S. Center for World Missions, two PhD's said, "I've read about this here and there for 40 years in my studies, but nobody has ever put it together in one piece" and that was 4 editions ago.

So this edition also is sent to you in the hope that you and your friends will not only read it, but if you see anything lacking, have any evidence that shows how the early church came all the way to Japan through Mongolia, India, the Philippines and Indonesia, please be so kind as to help us put that into the finished product. Of course there is no index yet, that's the last piece of work done on a finished book, which we hope to see sometime in 2000 as a birthday present to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Whose disciples did obey Him and go into all the world and did preach the Gospel to every creature. You and I picked up that banner, standing On the shoulders of the giants and martyrs of the past.

Some people ask why the illustrations are so big. They are copied from the colored transparencies used for the overhead projector. The first 5 editions were the A-4 size, which is the size of a regular transparency. This edition has been reduced to B-5 or one degree smaller, but when you make transparencies, all you have to do is press the "Enlarge" button on your copy machine. I have put together 52 sets of 10 each of the Best 10...Commandments. The Top Ten Reasons for...built around the idea that every subject should have only one topic. That topic should be able to be stated in two words or at the most, one sentence. Everything else--ten other pages or pictures are to illustrate and reinforce that one main point so people can go away thinking just one point. "Jesus Saves," "Doing or Done," "Heaven not Hell," "Saved not Lost," etc.

This book is written so that a 12-year old girl or boy in Sweden, South America, Chicago or Kyoto can understand. Scholars must bend their knees to read the past erased history brought to light by what Yale University's Latourette and Wheaton College's V.R. Edman called "the greatest missionary movement the world has ever seen," the book about Nestorians, the Ancient Church of the East, Keikyo.

Dedication Dear Heavenly Father,

This book, "Japan Jizo vs. Jesus," is dedicated to You, Almighty God, and to Your Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Awesome Threesome: we bow in abject apology. We have slandered, libeled, maligned and abused not only your Name, but your power and we ask You to forgive us for telling and reading and writing that it took You, Almighty God, 1,500 years to figure out how to evangelize and how to get the Gospel to the Japanese.

We have libeled You for what You, the Trinity, have done since Jesus died on the cross at 33 A.D. And since Your disciples scattered, Mark to Egypt and Thomas to India, and since Your promise of Acts 1:8 that all power will be given to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth, and how You in Acts 8:1 caused a great persecution and leaving the disciples home sent laymen all over the world, and You said, "except the disciples, all those who were scattered went into all the world and preached the Gospel."

Father, we know that when Thomas built a church at 52 A.D. in India, if those disciples and young evangelists had just walked slowly, they could have gotten to Japan's edge in 4 years or at the most 8 years But we know they came by horses. And so, Father, we ask you to forgive us for blotting out all those great works, great sacrifices, great martyrs, those great evangelists going by foot and by horse preaching the Gospel along those seven different silk roads, and going by boat. We know that in your great plan You had the Assyrians come and take those captured Jews to Assyria and put them up in that mountain in the North of today's Iraq. But we know that when they heard the word that "He is risen," and when they heard that Thomas was martyred, the converted Jews and Assyrians came in tribes all the way past India, past China and Chejudo into Japan in 199.

But, Lord, we don't know what happened in between 199 and the day they left those mountains.

So Father, as this blasphemy is against Your power and Your Name and the disciples and evangelists and missionaries of Jesus who went throughout all of Asia, we ask You to forgive us for printing in books references, tour guides, history books that You were so dumb, ignorant, impotent and all of Your 22 great attributes were not being used until that Jesuit from Portugal, Francis Xavier, got here 1,549 years later. We ask You to forgive us for this and ask you to shed more light on the great Light of the World (the Hikari no Shukyo), Christianity.

And Jesus, we ask You to forgive us for believing the lie that the Nestorians were the heretics and so therefore to be discounted and written off as "a sect," and 1,800 years of Your glorious history, martyrs and evangelists were wiped clean by that one word, "heresy," until Dr. John M.L. Young's book, "By Foot to China." Until in 1997 the Pope of Rome and the Patriarch of the Assyrian church met and apologized for calling each other "heretics." We ask you now, Lord Jesus, to somehow get your flashlight of history out and reveal with your great light, the Hikari or the luminous bright light, shine it on that history.

And now as we, in 49 years, have dug into a tenth of what should be known' and brought it together in this unworthy book, we ask you, Lord Jesus, to help us as it goes like a rolling snowball, gathering more and more momentum, picking up pieces of evidence here and there until we can see the full picture of what You did in these last and lost 1,800 years and show us what we should and shouldn't do. The mistakes they made we shouldn't repeat and the great successes that they had, we should share in. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

New Approach to Evangelizing in Japan and Asia

"Keikyo": "The World's Greatest Missionary Movement" By Ev. Kenny Joseph, missionary/evangelist to Japan and Asia since 1951.

Why did Wheaton College's President V.R Edman and Yale University's Kenneth Scott Latourette both say, without knowing each other, that the Nestorian (or Keikyo, Assyrian Church of the East) missionaries were the greatest missionary movement the world has ever seen!"?

At a third millennial World Conference on Asian Missions' we studied how this world's greatest missionary movement, Keikyo, was vilified by Roman Catholics as a "heresy,N and erased from Japanese history by Japanese Buddhists and Shinto militarists, feared by unbelieving Jews and massacred by the Moslems.

The greatest Asian scholar on Keikyo, Dr. Yoshiro Saeki, said: This movement was completely self-supporting, propagating and sustaining." They went out not as "lone ranger" missionaries one at a time, but as "zokus" or tribes, complete with carpenters, teachers, builders, doctors, nurses, evangelists, home-schooler's, pastors, scribes, horses, goats and sheep caravans from their seminaries in Edessa and Baghdad to India, China, Korea, Japan, Viet Nam, Tibet,the Philippines, Mongolia, etc.

After an extensive 49-year study of their history, we ask, "Where are they now?" They are headquartered in Teheran, Baghdad and Chicago with the Patriarch Mar Dinkha and hundreds of churches world-wide.

To destroy the "heresy" stigma, Dr. John M.L. Young in his book, "By Foot to China," proves by their own theology that they would be today's evangelicals and the heretics would be the Ave Maria worshiping Roman Catholics. The Church of the East said, "Please send us 500 copies. Dr. Young explains what we believe better than we can.

In 1997 the Pope apologized to the Nestorian Patriarch in Vienna, Austria, and signed a "peace pact." Having demolished the myth that Nestorianism is a heresy, we refute the next lie that Christianity was first introduced to Japan by the Roman Catholic Jesuit Xavier in 1549. The primary source is a Roman Catholic missionary in Japan, Mario Marega, of the Salesian Fathers. He gave a major paper in 1952 to the Historian's Toho Gakkai entitled, "Pre-Xavarian Christianity in Japan." He documented in his book how the Eastern Christian Nestorians came to Japan and built one of their first churches in Kadono in Kyoto in 603 A.D., 1000 years before Xavier brought his Western Latin religion.

Dr. Saeki wrote that the first Middle Eastern Asian Christian missionaries came to Japan in 199 A.D., or 1,800 years ago and the Nestorians came in 515, a thousand years before Xavier, and that Xavier didn't "make 300,000 converts" (as evangelical Bible college missions textbooks falsely write), but according to Japan's NHK had only 800 adherents. Most of their converts were re-baptized backslidden Nestorians..."Ana-Baptist Catholics."

Nestorians are mostly Assyrians like Japanese are Shintoists. Now a big temptation is to compromise with the Roman Catholics. Since the Pope and the Eastern Church Patriarch met and apologized to each other in 1997 in Austria. Both have apologized that they were wrong in 480 A.D.. but there is no substitute for Ephesians 2:8,9 that "Salvation is by grace through faith" plus nothing, and "There is only one Mediator between God and man, the Man Christ Jesus"

What are the implications for today's missionary to Buddhists?

Review of Japan's Jizo and Jesus

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