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Accident Update
Dear caring ones,

gMago no te o, me ni irete mo, itaku nai.h gEven if a grandchild sticks his finger in your eye, it doesnft hurt.h Oh yeah?

Grandkids! What we wonft do for them! Would you believe, Lila and I have 13 of these precious gifts. Whenever they come, they know they have to pass out Bible tracts into the bike baskets on the way from our parsonage to and from our train station. And then pray that an angel will take those tracts back into lots of homes and that some will trust in Jesus as their Saviour and come to our church.

Last year we put on a real Santa Clause outfit with our twins as Santafs helpers, and although the rejection rate is 8 out of 10 for junk they pass out at the stations, our Christmas CD with a tract and Christmas service invitation went like hot cakes a week and a half beforehand. We find that God is always a step ahead of us. Since the grandkids coming this year was delayed, the work was all done by our church people.

One year Jamee, Julia, Kitto and Jacko helped. And during the summer it was Reid and Lydia. This year the twins were in on festivities. I had asked them if their bottoms still fit on my bicycle seat for kids and they assured me this was no problem! We have a nearby creek where we take cut-up bread ends the bakery provides, and throw these out to the birds, and fish and ducks swimming around. Then as a reward for this work we give the workers a thousand yen ($8) to help them buy themselves a Christmas present. One of them announced that she had to put in her ten percent in the offering basket to Godfs work first!

So on December 31st, before the New Year, we had fed the birds and fish and the girls had played at the park and we were on our way home when I took a narrow trail to avoid a man and his dog! That was a big mistake! I fell from my bike onto a lower ridge and Maryn, on the back childrens seat went flying also...into a bush! She escaped with no harm, but I hit a stump and my face bled like a stuck pig! Since Ifm on blood thinner, it flowed like water! And I had a dislocated shoulder!

Several buddies come to mind who have had like or worse situations. Cal Junker has lived to tell of his fall while trimming trees, falling, and than lying on the ground for 4 hours until his wife Pat came from her bookstore work. Lilafs cousin JoAnnfs husband, Evangelist Willy Gundersen, was working on his sisterfs house in Florida when he had a vicious fall, but he continues to preach from his wheelchair, even holding meetings in Norway a couple of times a year. And here in Japan just a few months ago, our U.S. Yokota based military Colonel friend Towne (an MK) tumbled off his ladder doing outside painting on their house and landed on his feet....crushing l7 bones along his body. Hefs back at work...in a body cast and leg brace.

So there I was, lying unable to move. Especially my left arm. Suddenly, at this quiet time of year, 5-6 kindly neighbors gathered to help! One lady tore up ahead, catching up with Lila who had gone on ahead yelling, gyour husband.....an accident.....h One of the guys had a cell phone (mine wouldnft work) and he called for an ambulance. The Bible tells us not to despise the day of small things...I came one milimeter away from losing my eye--please pray for laser surgery next week to clear up that problem....and a hairfs breath from a broken shoulder bone instead of only a dislocated shoulder!

Ambulance workers in Japan arenft allowed to do anything for the victim, but one man was an expert in stopping bleeding. He quickly wrapped my head as the others worked the phone to find an open emergency hospital on this the busiest time of year.

Five hospitals said gNo thanks,h but one gave us the nod. Would you believe, it was the same hospital where we visited by college friend and fellow-missionary, Buz Reece, a few years ago, and where Mark was taken when he collided with a car--on his motorcycle--and his dented helmet was found across the road.

I told the doctor that if he put me in a room with 4 others, which they usually do, someone would kill me in the night because of my snoring. With a wink and a nod, he said he would check, and they put me into a single room with the expensive balance of zero on my bill instead of $250!

After 16 stitches on my face, Mark quipped, gHey Dad, get a nose job at the same time!h No such luck! The dislocated shoulder has been the most painful. The first doctor to begin work on that said he had been in San Francisco for 3 years and he would take care of me! He pulled my arm a couple of times as I literally screamed. gRelax,h they said. I couldnft. But the next day another young doctor came in just for me, anaesthesized me, and he said it took him 3 seconds to put the shoulder in order.

God is always one step ahead. The enemy threw us a curve ball, but He kept us from serious harm in many ways.

Like a Calvinist said, after his Cadillac went over the cliff, gThat might have been predestined before the foundation of the world, but Ifm sure glad we got it over with!h

Wefre so thankful that not only did the Lord protect us from more serious harm, but I am daily getting better and should soon be back to only having to work on the eternal problem of losing weight!!

In Jesusf care and love,

Kenny and Lila

Japanese update

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